Graeme McDowell and Justin Rose Play Match on WGT

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In these times of Covid-19 and social distancing, people are looking for distractions.  The NBA, MLB, and MLS are all playing virtual seasons or tournaments with their stars, and now it’s time for golf to play its part.

Mastercard and the World Golf Tour (WGT) put on their first virtual match tonight featuring major winners Justin Rose and Graeme McDowell in a nine hole contest over the front nine of Pebble Beach, broadcast live on YouTube.

It was a highly entertaining match, with excellent banter between the two pros.  Both players had obviously spent a fair amount of time on their avatar apparel and gear, and McDowell was obviously the more experienced player.  It sounded as though both had discovered the game in the last few weeks when the world shut down.

Both players commented on how realistic the graphics and course play were, and how the views were true to life.  What wasn’t true to life was that they played in “Practice” mode, allowing them to preview their putts.

Here is GMacca59

Here is JustinRose0730

If you are looking to get in your golf fix, try WGT. Who knows, you might get paired up with a major winning.

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