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Grip Down to Control Wedge Distance

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I was going through my e-mails today and found this one from Golf Channel.

Golf Channel Academy lead coach Kenny Nairn explains how to grip down on your wedges to improve distance control.

I only carry a standard pitching wedge (48 degrees) and a 56 degree sandwedge, so I have to do this all of the time.

Swing the Handle, Not the Head

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Martin Hall gives a great tip of how to ensure you’re turning through the ball, and not throwing the club towards the ball.

As you can see from the above image, just grip partway down the shaft you should be able to swing without the shaft touching your body until well into the follow through.

If you can do this, you’ll be hitting it longer and straighter.

You can watch the whole video HERE.

Box Before Ball for Proper Lower Body Shift

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I saw this tip from Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal on and was sure I had seen it before.  Sure enough there was a blog post from December 14, 2014 called “Box Before Ball for More Power and Better Ballstriking“.  If you watch them both you’d swear Martin was reading a script, down to his comment on how Sara Brown and Blair O’Neal hit their shots.

Here the videos are.  We’ll start with the newer one with Blair O’Neal:

And here it is from 4 years ago with Sara “No H” Brown: