Murdoch Mysteries – A Case of the Yips


This past week on Murdoch Mysteries, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations period piece police show based at the turn of the 20th century, there was a murder on a golf course and while investigating the crime Detective Murdoch also investigates the attraction of the game of golf.

The¬†episode is the 11th of the show’s 9th season and is called “A Case of the Yips” and has lots of¬†humour moments, like¬†when¬†Murdoch wonders why anyone would throw a perfectly good golf club into a lake.¬† The course was the Toronto Athletic and Golf Club, and the club champion¬†was George Lyon.¬†The real George Lyon won the Olympic Gold Medal in golf at the 1904 games.

You can stream it on CBC Gem and learn more about the episode on the Murdoch Mysteries Fandom page


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