Don’t Forget Your Sweater


I think this might be one of the all time great golf jokes.

Four men are finishing up a round of golf one Saturday morning, and one of the men asks the others “What are you guys doing this afternoon?”

The first guy says “I have to clean out the garage. The only way my wife would let me golf this morning was if I promised to have the garage cleaned out by this afternoon.”

The second guy then says “I have to cut my lawn and weed all the gardens. My wife told me that was the only way I could go golfing today.”

The third guy then responds “My wife told me that if I went golfing this morning then I had to clean the gutters out this afternoon.”

The final member of the group remained silent.

The other three all looked at him and said “Come on, tell us what you have to do back home since you golfed this morning.”

The the fourth guy looked at them all and smiled and says “Nothing.”

The other three can’t believe it and ask him how he managed to get to come to the golf course without having to do something around the house.

The fourth man says “It was easy. My alarm went off at 6am, I rolled over and asked the wife ‘Golf course or intercourse?’ and she said to me ‘Don’t forget your sweater'”.

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