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The Best Mini Golf Course I’ve Played

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If you ever go to Grand Bend, you have to play the mini golf course.  There are currently two mini golf courses in Grand Bend Ontario, and they are side by side on the main drag (I have no idea what the name of the street is, I have always known it as the main drag).  My family has been going to Grand Bend every summer for my whole life, and for as long as I can remember we have played at this mini golf course.

It has some holes, with small bumps, large bumps, a couple have ramps to jump over rocks or a pond, and there are a number of water hazards. And there are a few where you have to bank your putts around corners (or two corners) or put it into one hole which will take you to another hole.  And there is also the classic swinging log.

Everyone should be able to make a hole-in-one somewhere in the game (everyone gets one on the last hole).

If you take your scorecard to the ice cream stand next door, the Diary Dip, they will give you a deal on an ice cream cone.

The course has changed a bit over the years, but most of the holes are the exact same as they were since I first played there over 40 years ago.  These days I usually play against my dad and my nephews. Sometimes my nieces play too.

These pictures are from a couple of years ago, but the course still looks the same (my nephew is now much bigger).

We used to always play a game of real golf, but I think from now on we will have to have a full family tournament.


Ironwood Golf Club – Exeter Ontario

7th Green

Ironwood Golf Club is located just outside of Exeter Ontario, about halfway between London and Grand Bend and is a great course to play for golfers of all skill levels.  I have played the course since the early 80s, and back then it was only a 9-hole course built on an old farm.  In the late 80s they added a second 9 to make the current course.

Ironwood is usually in great shape, with quick but not too fast greens, nice fairways, and very playable rough.  The only complaint for course conditions would be some inconsistent sand in the traps.

The course has a couple of streams that cut across a number of the holes, even though it doesn’t come into play for the most part.¬† Some holes will require you to hit a good drive to clear the stream and make the fairway, while others force you to lay up short and have longer approach shots.

A number of the greens are very deep.  Approach shots on holes 1, 4, 5, 7, 14, 15, 16, and 17 can change by as much as two or three clubs depending on whether the pin is in the front or the back.

The 2nd hole is probably the hardest on the course, where you should lay back short of the stream off of the tee, but then have to hit into a severely sloped green that is angled from the fairway.  Do not go long on this hole or you can easily chip off of the front of the green.

Be sure to make up strokes on the par-5s, and they are relatively short, as the par-3s generally play tough with their narrow and long greens.

Playing a round at Ironwood is a great way to spend a morning before going to the beach in Grand Bend.¬†¬†It’s a great course¬†for a low stress round,¬†and be sure to enjoy a good burger or footlong hotdog in the clubhouse.

Golf in Kuwait at Ahmadi Golf and Country Club

Golf in Kuwait
By Megan McGlynn and Mark Hardeman
from 2003 

In the fairway

In the fairway

I thought I would let anyone out there who is contemplating a golf vacation this winter in on the wonders of the Kuwaiti golf scene.  Although often overlooked in many of the leading golf publications, Kuwait golf is alive and kicking.  The golf courses here offer golfers a unique experience, and leave participants with tremendous stories to tell their fellow duffers.  We chose to begin our golfing adventures in Kuwait at the Ahmadi Golf and Country Club which has hosted the prestigious Kuwaiti Open 3 of the last 4 years.  The highlights of the Kuwaiti golf experience can be outlined in the following categories.

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Osprey Valley (Heathlands)

Osprey Valley (Heathlands)
Review by Drew Sinden
(originally submitted in 2003)

I have played this traditional links style course 5 times and every time I go I like it more and more.  This is the closest course I have seen in Ontario to what I experienced in Scotland.

Since I last played there, they have added 36 more holes, and to everyone’s account that I have spoken to, they are as impressive as the original 18.  I plan to try them out this summer.

You start out on the actual third hole since the site for the clubhouse had not been erected.  This starting point is closest in proximity to the parking lot and drive shed; I haven’t yet heard whether they have developed something more permanent for their 19th hole.  A gentle dog-let opening par 4 calling for a well-placed tee shot of about 235 yards, a water ditch down the left and a row of bunkers right call for accuracy, not length.  The narrow green sits above you and is guarded by mounds.  Miss right and you could be in big trouble.

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Cambridge Golf Club Review

I have decided that this¬†could probably use its own posting. It is an excerpt from the post I did back in June called “Wie Wins U.S. Womens Open, Streelman Makes History and Cambridge Golf Club” (I guess I like long titles)

Here is the excerpt from that post that was about Cambridge Golf Club.

The 2nd hole at Cambridge Golf Club in Cambridge Ontario.

The 2nd hole at Cambridge Golf Club in Cambridge Ontario.

As for myself, I played on Saturday at Cambridge Golf Club located in Cambridge Ontario.  Cambridge is an old style course, not overly long but plenty of mature trees and a few VERY narrow holes.

Last week I had 39 putts with a bunch of three-putts, but at Cambridge I had 31 putts (good for me) with zero three-putts.

Last week I shot 8-over, and this week with eight fewer putts I shot even par.  Go figure.

The 18th hole at Cambridge Golf Club in Cambridge Ontario from about 170 yards out.

The 18th hole at Cambridge Golf Club in Cambridge Ontario from about 170 yards out.

I like Cambridge Golf Course. It was an easy walk (I prefer walking and carrying my clubs). The only complaint was it was a little on the short side. You’ll feel good about your game because you’ll be able to either hit or come close to hitting all of the par-5s in two shots (I hit it about 250 to 265 and was usually¬†close to¬†200 to 235¬†yards out on each par 5). The par-3s vary in length, but the par-4s are all pretty short (drivers and nine irons or wedges), except for the 17th where a good drive still left about 170 yards to go to a green that sloped from front to back (so if you hit the green you end up right at the back). The key Cambridge¬†is to hit it straight off the tee.

Lowville Golf Club

#2 at Lowville

#2 at Lowville

Lowville Golf Club is a great little course just outside of Burlington Ontario.  The course goes up and down the Niagara Escarpment, making for some great views and also a good walk.

The par 5s are all uphill holes. None of them are overly long as far as actual yardage, but they all play a decent length.

#9 at Lowville

#9 at Lowville

Conversely, some of the par 4s play downhill, so they play shorter than their yardage, but you get to feel good about yourself because your drives seem to go forever down the escarpment. Continue reading

Wie Wins U.S. Womens Open, Streelman Makes History and Cambridge Golf Club

Did anyone watch the U.S. Womens Open? I watched a lot of the first three rounds, but was not able to see the final round until Michelle Wie was putting for bogey on the 16th. So I guess I got to see the most exciting part.

When I turned on the TV, Michelle had a 3-shot lead, and Stacy Lewis, who was in second place, was already finished.¬† It looked to me that Michelle had it all wrapped up. The announcer was saying something about how she needed to just focus on this putt and not worry about the situation, which is perfect tv-analyst speak for someone with a three-shot lead with three holes to play.¬† She missed the putt and it went about 5 feet past the hole, and that’s when the announcer said “She needs to make that to stay in the lead”.¬† That got my attention.

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